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Tempered glass stairs

The road to success must walk up the stairs

Interior stairs made out of tempered glass are a step above when it comes to interior design and can be considered, to a certain extent, a luxury intended for rooms with a modern architecture.

When designing and manufacturing glass stairs, each detail matters, starting from the color, thickness, shape and practical functions: the frame and skeleton, the balustrades, fasteners etc.

Of course, besides the aesthetic dimension, tempered glass stairs must be resistant in order to walk on its steps with complete confidence.

The tempered glass staircase, an innovative architectural element

Practically speaking, tempered glass stairs are tough as nails, have a phenomenal look and are very easy to maintain. The steps are made out of tempered glass and laminated on multiple layers. You can choose between clear, colored or sandblasted glass designs, with a aspect of broken glass or other decorations.

At the fastening level, the stair treads can be mounted on metal frames, can be wall mounted or cladded with another – wood, concrete, etc. In addition, the stairs can be fabricated in various shapes and can have varied sizes, to give designers complete creative freedom in terms of design.

Interiors designed with style

Tempered glass stairs are intended for residential spaces, offices, hotels and guest houses and represent an inspired choice for the ratio between aesthetic and functional. Custom stairs are made according to demands and the working draft, which is why the SECURIT factory offers a wide range of glass for architectural projects.

Glass is a material that is at the top of architectural uses thanks to its qualities. Depending on the manufacturing process, glass can have a very high degree of resistance, which explains the possibility of achieving tempered glass stairs, without them give way. Of course, the success consists in a combination between the technological developments and the brilliance of specialists in this field, who are always in search of perfection.

In a new light

One of the greatest advantages of these tempered glass stairs is the modern and nonconformist aspect that it outlines. To further emphasize its remarkable character, glass stairs can be illuminated, the effect being spectacular. In addition, regardless of the material used for its frame, the result is always surprising and full of originality.

So, if your home needs an element to give it personality, the tempered glass staircase will definitely stand out. The design can be tailored to your interior decor details, glass steps can have different colors, textures and applications; the execution possibilities are numerous.

Confidently call upon the SECURIT production workshop.

The SECURIT factory makes tempered glass stairs and the offer is available in a wide range of designs, with multiple customization possibilities. We use high quality materials and our structure and frame elements are carefully selected for perfect mountings.