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Laminated glass

Laminated glass – processed for safety by the SECURIT factory

Laminated glass is a type of tempered glass used in construction, in the automotive industry (windshield) and other structures that require resistibility. This glass is made from two or more glass sheets joined at special temperatures. Laminated glass can have various thicknesses and can be decorated according to customer’s requirements, the results obtained being durable and of high performance.

Laminated glass can be used both indoors and out for various applications. We offer laminated glass for floors, balustrades, glass walls, parapets, glass steps, anti-burglary windows, windows against firearm attacks, etc. The glass can be adjusted depending on project’s requirements, customer satisfaction being a priority.

The SECURIT factory puts at your disposal laminated glass of superior quality, which distinguishes itself through hardness, elasticity and unique design. Lamination can be done both on a flat window as well as on a curved one, depending on the application. In terms of security, laminated glass can withstand various accidental shocks and offers protection against injury. Therefore, if the glass breaks, the sheet of laminated glass doesn’t allow the glass fragments to spread, so the level of safety is increased.

Areas in which laminated glass is used

Laminated glass is used in particular in areas with a risk of accidental impact, in areas where there is the possibility of acts of vandalism, in case of an attack with firearms, but also to reduce the amount of UV rays or strong noise pollution.

So, laminated glass is a security measure, which makes it suitable for both private and public spaces. Besides these areas of use, it can be used in furniture, windows, doors, balustrades, flooring, steps, glass canopies, partitions, etc.

What are the advantages of laminated glass?

From the aesthetic point of view, in the lamination process various colored or patterned sheets can introduced, in order to achieve original and long-lasting effects. Additionally, laminated glass significantly reduces the risk of injury in case it breaks.

It also can protect us from bullets and explosions, offering superior thermal and sound insulation, it can protect us from the sun’s UV rays and attempted burglaries. Therefore, laminated glass represents a reliable alternative when you want to obtain a modernist design, but also a durable one.

Top quality laminated glass

Laminated glass is used more and more due to its special properties, this product being suitable for a wide range of applications. SECURIT International put at your disposal laminated glass that can be adapted to your requirements, regardless of the type of project.

We respond promptly to your requests and provide all the information you need. In addition, you benefit from very advantageous prices, which will make the collaboration with our company a real success.