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Glazed elevator cabs

One floor above in the level of design and technology

One of the segments in which the SECURIT factory has known a rapid appreciation on the market is represented by the execution of glass elevators or glazed elevators. After a quarter century of performance in everything related to glass and tempered glass, the design and construction of glass elevators and glazed decorative elements are a tier above for the development of the factory.

Glass elevators offer elegance and a panoramic view into and from within any building or shopping center. The projects SECURIT from Mega Mall or Mall Baneasa are a fine example of glazed elevator cabs, to name only two locations with a flow of hundreds of thousands of visitors a week.

Glazed and glass elevators made in Romania

If in Romania we still don’t have many skyscrapers in the true sense of the word, we certainly started to advance in terms of the design, production and implementation of the architectural vision. Modern structures for office buildings, public buildings, malls and shopping centers, where architectural aesthetics have their say in conveying phenomenal images, are built annually.

The accomplishments of a building intended for the general public are directly linked with the vision of collectively utilized spaces, the visual attractiveness in design and architectural elements. The SECURIT, as a glass maker and service provider, molds itself to serve precisely those purposes, on the criteria of efficiency and competitiveness.

Consulting, design and elevators glass mounting

The SECURIT solutions distinguish themselves through individual customization in the design and blending of glass elements. The company is able to provide integrated services of consulting, design and glass elevator mounting, collaborating with prestigious suppliers of elevator mechanisms and building the structure entirely out of glass.

The recognition on the Romanian market comes both from the processing quality as well as the quality materials provided by the suppliers, such as Saint Gobain (glass and mirrors), Extruplast, Alumil (profiles) and collaborators for special projects.

Glass elevators cabs built for safety and comfort

The cabs made entirely or partially out of glass represent a fitting solution for both indoor elevators and the exterior ones. The transparency conveyed by tempered glass is fascinating to passengers, and the cabs distinguish themselves through a technically and functionally flawless refinement. Therefore, everything is designed so that passengers can have a breathtaking view, but also a sense of safety and comfort. Furthermore, these glass elevators meet all safety standards, considering that our priority is passenger safety.

Experience in making tempered glass applications

The glass maker SECURIT stands out on the Romanian market with its 25 years’ worth of projects, and having the most diverse ways of using high quality glass. From glass cladding, windows, partitions, windshields, mirrors or glass furniture, to balustrades, flooring, windows, doors or glazed canopies, SECURIT makes any type of glass or glazed elements using cutting-edge technology.

Synchronized tradition and innovation

Glass elevators represent the main attractions within an architecturally demanding building. Next time you go up with a glass elevator, look for the SECURIT identifiers, and you will remember that the design that amazed you is made by a team of professionals from Romania.