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Glass furniture

Glass furniture for interior decorations

Glass is a decoration and construction element often found in homes furnished by the great designers of the world, so it’s easy to understand why glass is a such a valuable material. The SECURIT factory has been processing tempered glass for over 20 years and we have expanded our capabilities when it comes to manufacturing glass products for various uses in interior decoration. Glass furniture is a premium product, offering major displayability opportunities and has numerous advantages at an aesthetic and functional level.

Elegance, spaciousness and fluidity

SECURIT designs glass furniture, paying close attention to detail and its multiple processing possibilities, based on its own design or according to the given specifications. We can make tables, cabinets, shelving, countertops for kitchen, bathroom furniture, bars and more. Glass offers stunningly creative possibilities. It is a stable and inert material, but in combination with the metal, it has a spectacular visual effect.

The SECURIT offer includes furniture made from various types of glass (clear, sandblasted, tinted, semi-transparent, with decorative motifs or simply colored), with different thicknesses and various kinds of fastenings – bonding in a field of UV rays or with the help of stainless steel parts.

Glass furniture is easy to maintain and very durable, so it will not deteriorate as fast as the wooden furniture. Also, glass is considered a healthy material for the human body, which is why the air in the house will always be clean, and you will enjoy a pleasant living environment. Due to its specific gloss, glass inspires a sense of elegance, spaciousness and fluidity.

Numerous possibilities of customization

During processing, but also after it becomes a finished product, glass can be embellished in many ways – it can be painted, customized with a variety of applications out of various materials, sandblasted, cut into fluids shapes or in straight lines with different types of finish. Another advantage of glass furniture is the fact that dust is easily cleaned, with the help of a cotton cloth and a special solution.

A home full of light and elegance

The SECURIT factory awaits you with varied and accessible offers, including assistance from specialists, who want every decision taken to be the correct one. You can choose from a generous range of glass furniture, that’s available in various colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, etc. Additionally, the furniture can also be commissioned and made following your indications, after a close collaboration with our designers.