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Glass floors

A delight for eyes and soles of the feet

Tempered glass floors are the main attraction in terms of bold interior design projects. The SECURIT factory make available designs for frosted, colored and transparent glass, and the production process involves lamination and tempering in order to strengthen the resistance of the glass.

Tempered glass floors for atypical projects

Thanks to the special effect created by the glass reflections, the interior spaces will be brighter and more spacious. Glass floors can be mounted successfully in any building, showroom, office space, residential or commercial areas; the effect being guaranteed. The fasteners are of superior quality, they are integrated so as to provide safety and a dash of design with an aesthetic appeal.

The layer thickness of the glass varies depending on each project, and all these values are carefully calculated by our specialists. Due to the layer thickness of the glass, this type of flooring will be stronger than parquet or tiles, as such the investment is fully justified.

The proper way of making tempered glass floors

For glass floors to be made properly, there are several steps that must be strictly followed. So, the first thing will be to establish what surface is going to be covered with glass, because this type of flooring has a decorative role. The next step is mounting the metal structure that helps to fasten the glass. A proper depth needs to be establish here, so as not to subject the glass to some risks of it breaking. After mounting the metal structure, the laminated and tempered glass tiles are fastened.

To highlight the beauty of this glass flooring with decorative role, lighting fixtures will be integrated into the construction. Of course, the customization possibilities of the floor are multiple, because you can opt for different decorative elements tailored according to a certain theme, such as the marine one for example. Naturally, the final step is indeed the glass fastening, which can be frosted, colored or plain. In addition, mounting a glass floor in intermediate ceilings is, also, impressive. Durability is a significant advantage of tempered glass flooring.

An exercise of imagination becomes reality

Glass floorings are sensational elements, that can transform the interior of a room. Glass expands the visual field and gives an impression of expanded space to the room, this being a real advantage for small and crowded houses. Due to increased luminosity, the effect on people is favorable, inducing a sense of relaxation and well-being. The stained glass-looking floor has a spectacular decorative effect, being one of the designer’s choice.

The SECURIT factory makes glass floorings at the highest standards in the industry to impress and to outline well highlighted spaces. We recommend that the mounting should be conducted by a team of specialists to ensure the proper installation procedures are being carried out.