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Glass canopies

Glass canopies – extra protection and style for any entrance

Glass canopies are intended to protect the entrance of a building from the sun, rain, snow and other bad weather, these having an extremely modern and attractive design. In regards to the installation solutions, canopies can be adapted to even the most daring ideas, having numerous fastening possibilities and systems that can be used for their mounting.

At the technical and aesthetic level

Securit International puts at your disposal glass canopies of the highest quality, made according to specific technical specifications. Glass canopies differ from similar products through their elegance, transparency and discrete accessories. Additionally, the brightness of your home’s front door is adjusted accordingly. Glass canopies are fastened using elements out of stainless steel, metal or aluminum, these being durable and aesthetically attractive.

If you want these glass canopies to integrate seamlessly into the decor of the building exterior, you can choose a variety of colors, but also clear glass versions. They are resistant and will defend home from extreme natural phenomena, regardless of the season. The glass is handled so as to provide long-term benefits.

Glass canopies – general aspects

Glass canopies are made out of stainless steel or other metal elements that are as strong, and the glass is the main element. According to the needs of a project, these systems are available in a multitude of versions. Therefore, the thickness of the glass can vary, but also the number of fastening points or the direction in which water is removed. For any glass canopy to be strong and do not cause accidents, the utilized glass is tempered, this having a high level of resistance to strong heat or excessive moisture.

As mentioned above, the types of glass can vary in terms of the model. The glass can be clear, sandblasted, colored or printed screen, depending on customer requirements. The design will be made after precise measurements will be made on-site, every detail being essential so that these canopies can withstand heavy loads and not create safety issues over time. They can be mounted at the entrance of any building, whether it is an inhabited house, an institution, a shopping center, hotel, restaurant etc. The dimensions can vary from case to case, as well as their architecture. Each solution offered is personalized so that the aesthetic effect is different and impressive every time.

Glass canopies – innovation, transparency and safety

SECURIT International puts at your disposal glass canopies made to the highest standards. These canopies represent an elegant way of shading and protection from rain, UV rays, hail or snow. Thanks to tempered glass, your home’s design will increase, but also its safety.