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Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades – quick mounting and perfect finishing

Interior designers and architects increasingly use glass in their designs, it having a vast coverage area. Among the numerous applications are also included glass balustrades, details downright evocative for the aesthetics line of a house. They can be mounted both inside and outside the building, the effect is just as spectacular in both cases.

If you are interested in the next generation of glass balustrade systems, then SECURIT International can offer you all the necessary details, but also a wide range of high quality products. Thus, we put at your disposal easy to install glass balustrades, made with a perfect finish, that will attract everyone’s attention. These create new possibilities in construction and design, but at the same time combines usefulness with pleasure. The fastening accessories used are made of strong materials, which integrate seamlessly with the glass.

A better visibility

Glass balustrades don’t restrict visibility and also allow the light to spread naturally. They are solid, strong and resilient, the glass utilized is the construction is tempered. A good reason to choose glass balustrades is the scenery.

There are numerous locations, be it mountain or sea, where mounting glass balustrades is the best solution. They allow you to admire the scenery in all its splendor, especially if it is a terrace or balcony. Furthermore, the glass is renowned for its resistance to external factors over time, making the investment fully justified.

A variety of types of glass

You can choose from the SECURIT offer, types of colored or frosted glass, depending on your preferences. Glass is one of the materials used in construction and interior design that inspires a clean, modern and luxurious sensation, which is why these glass balustrades can always be the ideal solution for a staircase. It can be combined with a balustrade made of wooden, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., the combination between these materials being perfect for any modern home. In addition, thanks to the increased resistance of tempered glass, the stairs pose no danger, thus people’s safety is ensured.

For extra aesthetic appeal in their design, these glass balustrades can be made with colored glass, the effect achieved being a remarkable one. They are very easy to maintain and do not require improvements, all the elements used to mount them being of high quality.

If you have a modern project and would like to set up a building with materials predominantly made of glass, SECURIT International will be always at your disposal with the best products, made according to project specifications, but also with the help of our talented craftsmen. No matter the pattern, size or destination, we manufacture glass balustrades to the highest standards and at the most advantageous prices.