Yes, it can be done, but it depends how.

SECURIT offers full service and custom solutions for small, medium and large business clients, including atypical products for special requests. In the field of glass processing for indoors and outdoors, full-service covers:


There are certain projects for which the preliminary discussion is very important. To put ideas into practice, it helps us to establish the necessary work requirements of a project and the client’s vision.


The measuring stage is essential. The project is set to exact sizes in order for it to be done in the right parameters. The measurements are performed by a SECURIT engineer at the designated area.


In the way of design, space and mounting parameters, a project’s design allows us to offer a preview of the glass application and to make the necessary materials in the factory.


Working in the SECURIT factory are engineers experienced in glass processing. The factory is equipped with the latest technology and production capacity can sustain large-scale projects.


We ensure the transportation of the glass applications. It is recommended that we take on this responsibility so that we can transport the glass to the mounting site in favorable conditions, with the necessary care.


The SECURIT engineering teams are experienced in all types of glass application mounting. Once delivered, the applications are mounted in designated areas with attention to finishing details.

Full suite of glass applications

SECURIT bases its production on raw material of the highest quality and the experience of its engineers, qualified in glass and tempered glass processing procedures.

We are proficient in glass processing, and through the products made by the SECURIT factory transpires quality.