Quality shines beyond appearances

The SECURIT factory excels in the field of glass processing and is one of the most appreciated companies on the tempered glass market in Central and Eastern Europe. From tempered glass cladding, windows, partitions with glass walls, windshields, mirrors or glass furniture, to balustrades, flooring, shop windows, doors or glazed canopies, the SECURIT factory execute using cutting edge technology any type of work based on glass or glazing elements.

Full service and custom solutions

SECURIT offers full service and custom solutions for small, medium and large business clients, including atypical products for special requests. In the field of glass processing for indoors and outdoors, full-service covers counseling, measurement, design, execution, transportation and mounting.

Reliable partners

The SECURIT company imports glass from windows and mirrors from its partner Saint Gobain, in France. Among the numerous types of glass and mirror we sell are included: Planitherm 4S, Planitherm Ultra N, Miralite Revolution, Cool-Lite ST, Cool-Lite SKN, STADIP. We work alongside Extruplast, in Romania and Alumil, in Grecia, to supply profiles for carpentry. The fittings for the carpentry systems are imported from Italy and Germany.

SECURIT – A bustling hub in the creative industry

The SECURIT complex on 113 Agricultori Street, hosts a suite of companies from the creative industry in an industrial space built out of red brick, with a rich history in manufacturing, engineering and functional art.

The SECURIT premises includes the SECURIT factory workshops for processing glass, a glass blowing workshop for decorative applications, Azepur SRL, a rehearsal studio for music bands, ATELIER 13’s workspaces, producers of advertising material and architectural layouts, the OneWayMedia workshop, an advertising production, the art studio of the painter Paul Hitter and the headquarters for the digital communications agency, Fortin.

Every day, in the SECURIT complex over 100 people from the creative industries work and create, and at a service and product manufacturing level this space has great potential.

The industry standard in tempered glass manufacturing

SECURIT is synonymous with quality in the tempered glass processing industry, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of glass applications on the Romania market. SECURIT bases its production on raw material of the highest quality and the experience of its engineers, qualified in glass and tempered glass processing procedures.
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A wide range of products

We are proficient in glass processing, and through the products made by the SECURIT factory transpires quality.

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